At the time of taking these WIP shots, I already had 61 hours of screen record footage, total time worked on it probably closer to 70-75 (sometimes I forget to record). I think in the end it will have been ~100 hours (I will need to recreate rain and rain dripping/splashing on stuff effects too), so there’s a lot to go!

I also made significant progress with the sky, going from this:

to this:

There’s still some work to do with the rock wall and ceiling and some layering in the background to give it more depth but the hardest, most mindboggling part is now done. Once I’m finished with that I’ll finally revisit that other, big chunk of sky bit on the left to clean it up, then it’s just polish, effects recreation, readding rain effects, colour corrections and City of Tears should be done!

Last but not least, some more progress shots. Before:

After (as always, ignore the lack of colour correction for now):

The tower area of the sky is now complete:

The entirety of City at the moment:

What’s left to do

I am still not happy with how the sky in the first big room on the left looks like, it still looks way too foggy and blurry compared to what is seen ingame. I’ve given it at least 5 passes now, rebuilt it in different ways. I’m sure I’ll get it right eventually, but right now, I want to park it a little and return to it next week.

There’s a lot of colour correction work and the recreation of rain effects, so I’ll be doing those in the meanwhile, and revisit that sky part next weekend.