Welcome to my interactive map of Hollow Knight that I assemble from hundreds of thousands of screenshots. It involves a lot of draw-over and correction, resulting in a very detailed map that is zoomable to gameplay-view. I started it in August 2017. There are only 5 areas left to map; Fungal Wastes, Deepnest, Kingdom’s Edge and Hive.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload Hollow Knight ambience and mapping timelapse videos among other things that are occasionally not Hollow Knight-related.

Help by sharing my work

Sharing, retweeting, likes etc are all super appreciated! My mission, other than finishing the map of course, is to reach as many people with it as possible.

Share my timelapses, the link to this site, or my Twitter where I often post WIPs with those you think would appreciate it.

Links: Twitter | YouTube | Patreon | SubscribeStar | Ko-fi | Carrd

I’m also making a game!

Where Birds Go to Sleep is a narrative adventure game set in a fictional Near East-inspired land, brought to life in a painterly artstyle, with voice-acted dialogue and original score.

Become the whisper in the back of the mind of a criminal-turned-explorer on a gruelling mission to chart new lands shrouded in a mind-altering fog.

Short Trailer - Click to Play!