Welcome to my interactive map of Hollow Knight that I assemble from hundreds of thousands of screenshots + a lot of draw-over and correction, resulting in a very detailed map that is zoomable to gameplay-view. It’s been 3 years in the making in August 2020. There are only 5 areas left to map; Fog Canyon, Fungal Wastes, Deepnest, Kingdom’s Edge and Hive. You can see more detailed progress here along with downloadables.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload Hollow Knight ambience and mapping timelapse videos among other things that are occasionally not Hollow Knight-related.

In my waking hours, I spend most of my time developing an indie game in a team of 2.

Share My Work

Sharing, retweeting, likes etc are all super appreciated! My mission, other than finishing the map, of course, is to reach as many people with it as possible. Until recently, I’ve not been great with promoting my work, and I intend to change that.

Please if you haven’t already, share my timelapses and online map with those you think would appreciate it.


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