Welcome to my interactive map of Hollow Knight that I assembled from hundreds of thousands of screenshots. It involved a lot of draw-over and correction, resulting in a very detailed map that is zoomable to gameplay-view. I started it in August 2017 and finished it in February 2023.

I have a YouTube channel where I upload timelapse videos of the mapping process and also Hollow Knight ambience videos (and sometimes things that are not Hollow Knight-related).

Help by sharing my work

Sharing, retweeting, likes etc are all super appreciated! I want my project to reach as many people as possible.
Share my timelapses, the link to this website, or my Twitter with those you think would appreciate it:

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Check out my game!

Where Birds Go to Sleep is a narrative adventure game set in a fictional Near East-inspired land, brought to life in a painterly artstyle, with voice-acted dialogue and original score.

Join the ultimate expedition and enter Cormo’s mind as he embarks on a gruelling mission to chart a mysterious island shrouded in mind-bending fog. Put your persuasion skills to the test and direct his fate with every word, but be prepared for unexpected consequences…

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About & Contact

Hi, I’m n o o k, and I’m behind this big solo mapping project that I started doing back in August 2017, and finished in February 2023.

I have a YouTube channel where I upload video game related ambience videos and also mapping timelapse videos.

Since 2020 January, I’ve been working on game called Where Birds Go to Sleep in a team of two pretty much most of my waking hours.

You can e-mail me here, or DM me on Twitter or add me on Discord: The Embraced One#6059