WIP time! City of Tears is coming along slowly, but steadily. It is so far the hardest map to do, but only because I took it upon myself to recreate the sky that isnt rendered ingame (only one room is rendered ingame, the one you’re in, so there’s no such “interconnectivity” of the skies in this area), which takes more to do than the entirety of the area otherwise, which is pretty insane. This is mainly because the assets I’m working with from the game are tiny pieces and to recreate backgrounds, I need to build it piece by piece, then recreate the ingame effects of rain, blur, colour shift etc (because the assets, given a lot of them are reused elsewhere ingame and for other reasons, get some of their colour from the ingame lighting).

I also got a second job now on top of my day job which I do in the evenings and weekends, so I have considerably less free time at the moment, but I chip away at City of Tears as much as I can.

Here are some shots of the current state of the map. The yellow areas mark the parts I’m done with in terms of editing, and only need colour correction, while purple highlights areas I’m currently working on.

This next one is from a few weeks ago:

This last one is the most recent one:

You can see that the blocked in blue sky is now looking much closer to the real thing,  but there’s still much to do!

I’m also considering extending the ceiling so that the Watcher’s tower isnt just surrounded by rocky walls and ceiling: