Connecting Greenpath to Forgotten Crossroads wasn’t easy. There was some major overlapping that made it impossible to make a clean transition, I had to move Greenpath to the left quite a bit to make sure there is no overlap. Here are some shots to explain, or alternatively, you can watch it in a timelapse (x3) video.

This was the lesser problem unfortunately. The Hunter’s room and where Cornifer is found also overlapped with the rooms that lead to the Mawlek boss:

In the end, I moved Greenpath to the left only so much as to avoid it overlapping with Crossroads, lowered a ceiling, made an acid pool shallower and dressed it to make the seams pretty:

I will revisit this in the future, probably after I have finished the rest of the rooms, because this issue might be present elsewhere, and I might be able to find a better solution. Worst case scenario, I might just “make up” some transitions (fill in the empty space with ingame assets that fit in there) for those who find the blank space annoying.