Due to the map not 100% resembling the ingame, drawn map, there are sometimes blank spaces between rooms.

Most of the time these blank spaces are fairly easy to fill in, just add some elements that are already used in near the missing parts such as the same type of floor or wall, colour correct it and that’s it, but sometimes it’s a bit more complicated.

For example, while most of the rooms of Forgotten Crossroads map fit together both horizontally and vertically, there was one chunk that just wouldn’t work, no matter how I tried fitting it together.

I had to come up with a solution that looks good artistically but also stays true to the game.

In the end, I ended up using a similar connection from another room to fill in that gap:

I did not want these added transitions to be distracting so in the final version, I placed an overlay on top of them that dims them so they are not as clearly visible as the rest of the map. There are only a few areas that needed such a major work-over.

Most of the time, thankfully it was as simple as placing an object at a seam that fits in and would not draw much attention:

There were only two areas that seriously overlapped.

One of these was the spa, but the blank space between neighbouring rooms allowed me to space the rooms out a little to fit them together, while cutting off some parts of the spa, otherwise it would have overlapped with the next room:

The other room was the Stag Station. The rooms above and under it gave very little space for the station no matter where I placed it, so I ended up having to shrink it in size by approx. 25% but thankfully it’s not really noticable.