Crystal Peak is finally done! I made extra effort to record as much of the process as possible, but did not really succeed – ended up with roughly 15 hours of footage only. I honestly dont know how much longer it took, but with the next area, I did rigorously record so I’ll have a better idea next time!

Downloads of Crystal Peak itself is available on the Downloads page. For the time being, the combined map will be unavailable for download for the unforeseeable future. Explanation below.

Overlaps between areas and the known unknowns

I’ve had this issue before if you remember with connecting Forgotten Crossroads and Greenpath – the two overlapped so much that it posed a real challenge to properly connect them. This video showcases this issue very well.

Now that I’ve finished Crystal Peak, I realised that connecting these areas will prove to be more of a challenge than I initially thought. Some examples below.


In the above example, you can see that there are three transitions: two between Forgotten Crossroads and Crystal Peak, and one between Dirtmouth and Crystal Peak.

The red circle marks the middle transition in Crystal Peak that I lined up to connect properly with Forgotten Crossroads (this is the room where you meet Myla), but then this means that the other two transitions are very far off from connecting (marked with the red arrows).

I expect similar issues with most area transitions, so it’ll be safest to revisit this dilemma once all of the areas are mapped out.