You have probably guessed by now, but the area I’m working on right now is Greenpath and it’s about 70% finished.

Got myself a pen display (a graphics tablet but with its own screen), originally I was quite sceptical about it making a huge difference but oh my. To compare my speed before and after getting it, with my old Wacom Bamboo, I got at most 2-3 rooms done each day after work. After getting the pen display, I managed to get a whopping 20 rooms done in the first 3 days, out of which 2 were working days!

I promise I can draw with this thing better by now

I guess some of this is thanks to me being more experienced in mapping, and that Greenpath proved to be much simpler than Forgotten Crossroads. Crossroads a lot of straight stuff, structures etc that need to be very specific in their location and shape, but in Greenpath, it’s really easy to just recreate big chunks of the map using ingame assets because it’s just leaves and vines, very easy to mask.

It is now around 70% done and I hope I will be able to release it soon!

Other News:

  • Because I am much faster now and that this is now my only personal project, I am in need of a few helping hands eyes. I am looking to get help with error spotting and verifying the number of enemies/Geo nodes/secrets/other interactive elements of each room so that it reflects how it is in the actual game. If you’re interested in helping out, shoot me a PM on Discord: The Embraced One#6059
  • There is a channel for mapping project updates on the Wiki’s Discord server (note that this server is strictly Wiki-only, so game-focused discussions are only allowed in the offtopic channel).
  • Those interested in mapping updates can opt in to get a role on the server so when I make an announcement, I can ping this role instead of doing an @everyone and annoy the whole server. You can join the server here:
  • I have updated the FAQ to answer some new questions I kept getting