Quick update to announce two new things;

I’ve made a Patreon to allow people to support me if they want to, but currently I have no plans to make any Patreon-exclusive content or rewards (apart from a Discord role but that’s not really a reward).

Alternatively, I also have a Ko-fi page:

I’ve also made a Discord server for my projects (which includes but is not limited to Hallownest.net and my YouTube channel), you can join it here:  https://discord.gg/BPC5Jjh

I will be posting updates on the Discord server as I go about my mapping and will also be answering questions. (I will still keep posting on the Journal here!)

On the side note, Crystal Peak is coming along already pretty nicely. I’ve learned a lot from my previous maps and mistakes and now I took a new approach. Instead of taking a ton of screenshots and then later assembling them together, realising I need more specific shots, I now assemble and mask the screenshots right after taking them, after each room, so I won’t need to come back every now and then to take more. I expect this will speed up the process very much.

Crystal Peak at first glance seems to be around 33000 x 21000 px or so big, assembled.
There are overlapping issues with 3 rooms that are in the “middle” of the area, this is something I suspected would happen, but with a bit of fiddling around I should be able to make enough space for these without modifying sizes:
29 – note the blue line showing the mismatching area transition:
19 – just an overlap, area transitions are at least aligned fine
18 – 32 – misaligned area transition and also overlap