Is there a way I can help you?

I am currently looking for helping hands eyes to spot mistakes in each room so that it reflects how it is in the actual game. If you’re interested in helping out, you can join my Discord server here (make sure you get the Updates role to see the right channel), or shoot me a PM; The Embraced One#6059

I also won’t turn down a cup of coffee to keep me going, so I made a Patreon, SubScribeStar and Ko-fi page to allow people to support me if they want to, but currently I have no plans to make any exclusive content.

Any support from these pages most appreciated!

What makes your mapping project different from other maps?

My map is purely an art project, while other maps are functionality-focused, with pins on it that mark charm, NPC, upgrade and other locations. My map is assembled from thousands of screenshots and a lot of draw-over and correction is involved, resulting in a very detailed map that is zoomable to gameplay-view, while other maps are often a single, zoomed out and low resolution screenshot for each room.

Rules I make my map with

  • All enemies present and unharmed
  • All grubs unsaved
  • Geo nodes and other breakable objects untouched
  • All secret rooms and shortcuts present but breakable walls shown

Essentially everything is untouched and alive, hopefully this’ll make it useful for detailed guides and the Wiki! I also hope others will use my map as a base for other interactive, and more functionality-focused maps.

I’ve seen a mistake/encountered an error, what do I do?

If you noticed any weird thing or mistake, be it on the website or on the map itself, please contact me so I can correct them! You can contact me via my profiles or email on my Contact page or you can join my Discord here (make sure you get the Updates role to see the right channel).

How big is the end map going to be?

My initial estimation (based on Forgotten Crossroads) was initially 30,000 x 12,500. A more up-to-date calculation was 120,000 x 65,000. The final calculation seems to be at 80,000 x 48,000!

Will you do dream and indoor areas?

I’d like to.

One of my ideas would be to incorporate dream/indoors areas via a button (that would be displayed where each indoor or dream area is accessed from) and it’d perhaps dim the map and show the indoors/dream area on top at normal brightness. I have no idea whether it’s possible with the map script I have, and if it is, I will need to seek further help from someone who understands how to work with the script. I’ll only worry about this once the overworld map is completed.

Will you also map Silksong?

I’d love to, but mapping Hallownest has already taken me over 3,5 years on the side, and now that I’ve gone indie and I’m working on my own game, I’m not sure I will be able to afford to spend this much time on a hobby anymore, but we’ll see how things are after I’ve finished Hallownest and seen the areas/size of Silksong.

Why are some room connections dim/darker?

There are transitions in my map that are non-existent ingame. I made these up to connect rooms that otherwise would be impossible to connect, but did not want these to be distracting so I’ve made them dimmer. You can check some work in progress shots and a more detailed explanation of this process here.

Where are the downloads?!

I will upload all of the maps (with different versions) once all of them are completed. For the time being, I don’t keep the Downloads page up to date due to logistical reasons.