Is there a way I can help/support you?

Yes, sharing this website’s link with others is a massive help! I want as many people to know about it as possible.

I also won’t turn down a cup of coffee to keep me going, so I made a Patreon, SubScribeStar and Ko-fi page to allow people to support me if they want to, but currently I have no plans to make any exclusive content.

What makes this map different from other maps?

The short answer is that it’s a pure art project, unlike other maps that are functionality-based.

My map is assembled from thousands of screenshots and a lot of draw-over and correction is involved, resulting in a very detailed map that is zoomable to gameplay-view, while other maps are often a single, zoomed out and low resolution screenshot for each room.

Why make the map from thousands of images, instead of using an orthographic camera? What about HKEdit?

This has not been directly asked by me, but I see comments like this a ton. Please believe me when I say, that I had considered it!

When I started the project, the debug mod was the only tool available to me to make my mapping easier. HKEdit came out 2 years after I started this project.

HKEdit is a cool tool to check levels from the game and I did play around with it a bit, but unfortunately it’d be more work for me to use it to map anything, than using ingame screenshots because I’d have to recreate postprocessing and lighting effects that are seen ingame, and because if I was using an ortho camera, I’d also have to recreate backgrounds.

I created a short video to demonstrate this here.

Will you add dream and indoor areas?

I’d like to, but I’ll only worry about that once the overworld map is completed.

Due to issues with hosting* and because I am no longer able to run the script that cuts up the full image for the website, for the time being I have no plans to map out any additional areas.

*Due to large traffic to my site, my hosting was interrupted by my hosting provider for over 24 hours with excuses of a DDOS attack. They used “visitors sending unusally high amount of requests” as an explanation for it being a DDOS attack and they wouldnt listen when I explained to them that I have a Leaflet script operated interactive map with two layers and several zoom levels. They lifted the limitation after 30 hours which greatly minimalised the exposure the site would have gotten thanks to a mossbag video. I have lost faith in my hosting provider since, and I think it’d be too risky to create another layer for the interactive map at this point.

Will you also map Silksong?

I’d love to, but mapping Hallownest has been ongoing since 2017, and now that I’m working on my own game, I’m not sure I will be most likely won’t be able to afford to spend this much time on a new map. We’ll see how things are after I’ve finished Hallownest and seen the areas/size of Silksong.

How big is the combined map?

My initial estimation (based on Forgotten Crossroads) was initially 30,000 x 12,500. A more up-to-date calculation was 120,000 x 65,000. The final calculation seems to be at 80,000 x 48,000!

The final map’s size is 72,622 x 48,128 pixels! (Yes, this is very different from 120,000 x 65,000 but when I mapped out the first few areas, I did not have a figured out workflow, so I ended up taking screenshots at different zoom levels, and areas ended up being inconsistent sizes. Once I normalised what I had already made, I redid the calculation, which is how I arrived at the final estimate of 80,000 x 48,000 which is pretty spot on!)

Junk Pit?