Is there a way I can help you?

I am currently also looking for helping hands eyes to spot mistakes in each room so that it reflects how it is in the actual game. If you’re interested in helping out, you can join my Discord server here, or shoot me a PM: The Embraced One#6059

I also won’t turn down a cup of coffee to keep me going, so I made a Patreon, SubScribeStar and Kofii page to allow people to support me if they want to, but currently I have no plans to make any exclusive content:

Any support from these pages goes towards covering hosting and domain expenses for

What makes your mapping project different from RainingChain’s?

RainingChain’s map is functionality-focused, with pins on it that mark charm, NPC, upgrade and other locations. My map is purely an art project and will not feature any such elements. It is assembled from thousands of screenshots and a lot of draw-over and correction is involved, resulting in a very detailed map that is zoomable to gameplay-view.

Once the whole of Hallownest is finished, it will be public for anyone to expand the project or use it for any other projects such as detailed guides and I will also make use of it on the HK Wiki.

Rules I make my map with

  • All enemies present and unharmed
  • All grubs unsaved
  • Geo nodes and other breakable objects untouched
  • All secret rooms and shortcuts present but breakable walls also shown

(basically everything untouched and present – hopefully this’ll make it useful for detailed guides and the Wiki!)

I’ve seen a mistake/encountered an error, what do I do?

If you noticed any weird thing or mistake, be it on the website or on the map itself, please contact me so I can correct them! You can contact me via my profiles or email on my Contact page or you can join my Discord here.

How big is the end map going to be?

It’s hard to estimate just yet, but my initial estimation based on the Crossroads map was around 30,000 x 12,500. According to my most up-to-date calculation, it will be around 120,000 x 65,000.

Will you do dream areas?

I’d like to. I don’t know how I will include these yet, perhaps a separate big map for dream areas.

Will you include “indoors” areas?

Not in the interactive map, but I am working on a way to include “indoors” areas such as the Ancestral Mound, shops and other enterable areas in their respective area maps. An extended version that includes these rooms will be available for download sometime in the future.

Why are some rooms or areas dim/darker?

The Forgotten Crossroads map in particular features the map in a “new game” state – meaning that areas that are inaccessible to a player who hasn’t defeated False Knight are not shown or are dimmed out, such as the room to the left from the elevator and the ones leading to Greenpath, Crystal Peak and to Fungal Wastes. This will change later on as new areas are finished and added to the map.

There are transitions in my map that are non-existent ingame. I made these up to connect rooms that otherwise wouldn’t, but did not want these to be distracting so I’ve made these dimmer. You can check some work in progress shots and a more detailed explanation of this process here.

Where does your name come from?

I used to invade in Dark Souls 1 “cosplaying” Lautrec of Carim. “Knight Lautrec of Carim” and “Lautrec the Embraced” were too long in the character creator (or something liket hat) and so I went with “The Embraced”. I started using it as a nickname online, but later found out that there is a band called “The Embraced” and some pointed it out that it sounds weird, so I added “One” to the end.

For those of you not familiar with Lautrec, his armour description reads:

Armor of Lautrec the Embraced,
representing the goddess Fina’s love.

The goddess’s arms wrap around it, as if to
embrace the wearer.